L.A. Kings Score Hat Trick in Data Storage

Rob McPherson
Manager of Production
Los Angeles Kings

At the Kings we use video for everything. We use it “in arena” for our fan experience up on the scoreboard, we use it in our marketing materials, we use it online, we use it on TV, video is a huge part of what we do at the Kings. Over the last five years we’ve seen the amount of data that we’re generating just explode, with HD and 4K and all these other new formats. We used to shoot just 100 gigs a season and now we’re shooting and generating 30-35 terabytes of brand new content that needs to be archived. The type of stuff that we’re storing: we’ve got everything from Wayne Gretzky breaking records to new NHL players scoring their first ever NHL goals. These are historical moments in Kings history that we’re saving forever.

What we used to do when we were archiving our footage was we’d either buy more hard drives or use single LTO tape workflow. We had to seriously rethink how we were doing it because we were spending too many hours, too much money on a slow workflow.

The Dternity is awesome. We rely on it, we use it every single day. Honestly the best thing you can say about a tool is it just works. It’s scalable, we know we can just keep growing and growing and growing and it’ll grow with us.  It was easy to implement: we set it on a Friday and by Monday we were good to go. To be able to implement a brand new technology with no learning curve: pretty great.

The Dternity has been a huge improvement to our workflow. If an editor’s looking for a file or a producer’s looking for a specific interview bite, it doesn’t matter if it was five years ago or a month ago. We know without a shadow of any doubt that they’re able to find that file and just start working with it.

Not only are we archived but what we’re doing is we’re taking those tapes out of the Dternity and we’re vaulting them in the Dternity Media Cloud. And what that allows us to do is know that “Hey, we’ve got a copy here and it’s safe, and we’re able to access it anytime, but, God forbid anything happens, we still have a copy off-site.”

A big part of what we’re responsible for is managing this archive, managing all this content. And the Dternity just takes that off our plate. It really gets the job done.

Leading Research Institute Cracks the Code on Storage

Paul McCabe
Senior Unix Systems 
Administrator and Data Center Specialist
Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research

We tend to process data pretty heavily, and we have long-term data retention requirements.  We not only store the data while it’s being actively processed by our researchers, but we also need to archive that data long after research papers are published in case the data behind the papers are ever challenged.

Our organization had become a 24-hour endeavor, which was a challenge that was becoming more and more difficult to manage.  We were backing up for eight hours a day, duplicating for eight hours a day, and archiving the remaining eight hours. The equipment was being pushed to its limits, and if anything went wrong… we were simply out of hours.

We were immediately impressed with the Dternity’s simplicity and ability to cost-effectively scale along with our needs.  We also liked the way Fujifilm structures its licensing model in large bands, rather than the ‘by the terabyte’ model offered by other vendors. Overall, it matched very well with our requirements.

Capacity and scalability were obviously very important to us, but Dternity provided so much more.  Our backup team is thrilled with how easy the system is to manage and how it frees them up to focus on other tasks, but I would say the most noticeable benefit is the overall peace-of-mind the Dternity provides us. We’re dealing with critical data, and I never have to worry because it is fully protected, backed up and available when needed.


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