Seamless, Cost-effective Data Management Solution

Our philosophy is to simplify today’s complex storage environment by presenting data across heterogeneous storage infrastructure based on user rules associated with file/object metadata. We give our customers tremendous freedom to define and leverage storage in anyway they see fit allowing them the ultimate flexibility to create storage architectures that stand the test of time.

  • Reduce storage costs up to 80%
  • Create Global Namespaces
  • Seamlessly integrate with the applications you use
  • Use with the hardware you already own
  • Scale wider and faster than ever before
  • Preserve and protect your most critical content

Data that is archived with Dternity is accessed as network attached storage. There are no proprietary formats or applications needed to access files. Files can be accessed when and how you need them, using a combination of on-site storage and cloud storage for superior data accessibility and mobility. Data stored "on the cloud" is available 24/7/365. Dternity is a vendor-neutral solution that provides unparalleled data protection and helps maximize IT resources with the most cost-efficient storage media available

Dternity provides both on-site and online peace of mind for the preservation and protection of your data.

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What is Dternity?

Dternity offers online access to your data, seamlessly integrating with applications that you already use.

Create a Custom Dternity Demo

Create a Custom Dternity Demo

Choose the features that interest you, and instantly view a customized demo video.

Online Preservation and Protection

Online Preservation and Protection

Dternity Media Cloud combines the cost advantage of tape media with the accessibility of online cloud storage.