With Dternity Data Recovery services you can let the experts from the world’s largest data tape manufacturer recover your data from old data tape.  Whether you need to recover data for business, litigation and compliance purposes we have the expertise to find and migrate what you need from all types of tape storage media.  No project is too small or too big.  We perform all our services at a Fujifilm manufacturing facility inside clean room environments.


Every recovery project is different and we will consult with you first to identify the requirements and procedures necessary to extract your data.  Dternity Data Recovery can consolidate legacy backup catalogs from various systems and mediums into a single inventory.  We can recreate the backup environment, or you can supply your legacy equipment to us.  With a complete catalog you can then make informed decisions around the data you need to retrieve and migrate.

Data Migration Services from Fujifilm's Dternity

Private and Protected At All Times

Data migration takes place within a secure ISO27001 certified FUJIILM owned facility, with support for direct point-to-point transportation of your tapes, to provide complete chain of custody of your data.

Your Content Deserves The Best

Once inside our data center, your data is analyzed and verified to ensure the highest quality of data conversion with the lowest possible margin of error. For older generations of media, metadata will be created to provide ease of use once migration has completed.

Dternity Media Cloud

After migration, your data lives in the Dternity Media Cloud – off-premise storage built to preserve and protect your digital files. Providing tape storage as a service, the Media Cloud is the easiest way to protect your content without having to physically manage your tape archives, freeing up local storage and reducing backup windows. Dternity stores your content on customer-isolated media that belongs to you and which is fully accessible at all times through the Dternity Web Portal.

Welcome to The Future of Your Data

With FUJIFILM’s data migration and Dternity Media Cloud services, you can free your content from the past and ensure its viability for the future. With highly customizable SLAs to meet budgetary and regulatory compliance, there is no reason to leave your critical data behind.

Please contact us today for your free consultation and to see how Dternity Migration Services can help you enable your content for the future.

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What is Dternity?

Dternity offers online access to your data, seamlessly integrating with applications that you already use.

Create a Custom Dternity Demo

Create a Custom Dternity Demo

Choose the features that interest you, and instantly view a customized demo video.

Online Preservation and Protection

Online Preservation and Protection

Dternity Media Cloud combines the cost advantage of tape media with the accessibility of online cloud storage.