StrongLINK is the next-generation software-defined storage and data management solution that addresses long-standing obstacles to cost-containment, risk reduction, and productivity optimization.


The new field of Cognitive Data Management (CDM) brings AI (artificial intelligence) together with advances in automated policy-driven workflow and a virtual file system. This new approach to managing content and traditional data utilizes metadata extraction and management to seamlessly integrate existing applications and storage subsystems without impacting functional workflows, curation and retention requirements.

StrongLINK’s CDM inserts a logical layer between clients and the storage, creating a storage pool from heterogeneous storage systems to present a single global namespace and extend security access controls across any servers and/or storage devices from on-premise to distributed locations and cloud.

Files are no longer tied to specific hardware. Using CDM enables storage consolidation while making everything easy to search and manage. Migration of data is automated by schedule and/or triggers, and CDM can even solve the issue of duplicate file names, as files are indexed with a unique identifier.


It performs intelligent metadata discovery, harvesting and indexing for data classification and powerful search capabilities across any file, object, metadata or infrastructure.


It enables a global namespace connecting on-site and off-site heterogeneous storage and applications, enabling seamless data migration and file movement between primary storage, cloud and archive.


Through automated policies and AI technologies, it simplifies workflows and operations: backup, data protection, easy-to-scale architecture, and other storage resources and services management.


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What is Dternity?

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Online Preservation and Protection

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