Dternity Media Cloud
The Dternity Media Cloud is an archive storage and data preservation service. Companies with a single site looking to protect their data offsite can easily copy content to the Media Cloud to ensure against localized data disasters.  Our distinct focus on data preservation has earned us the trust of many major big content producing organizations.


We provide a deep storage platform, purpose built to provide the most protection and meet your needs for low-cost forever data preservation.  Hosted in own our facility where we tightly control access and chain-of-custody. These principles allow customers to scale, while dramatically improving their ability to maintain long-term immutable copies of their archived content.

Dternity X-Series Integration

The Dternity Media Cloud works as both an extension of your on-site storage architecture and an independent repository for your data. Your Dternity X acts as a gateway and easily replicates your content offsite into the Dternity Media Cloud, creating protected copies of your files and projects for maximum disaster recovery relief.

Dternity NAS Replication to the Cloud

It's Your Data

Unlike most cloud storage providers, data in the Dternity Media Cloud is secured on customer-isolated LTO media, providing total ownership and ensuring no co-mingling of data for a true private cloud experience. Dternity simply manages the data for you, freeing up your resources. Unique in the industry, customers can recover their content through online means or physical delivery of their LTO media.

Industry-Leading Data Protection

As with the Dternity X, the Dternity Media Cloud ensures the integrity of your data through built-in multi-copy policies, data replication, tamper-checking and self-monitoring features. Unlike other cloud storage services, the Media Cloud’s unique tape integration guarantees that your data is secure and viable, now and in the future.


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What is Dternity?

Dternity offers online access to your data, seamlessly integrating with applications that you already use.

Create a Custom Dternity Demo

Create a Custom Dternity Demo

Choose the features that interest you, and instantly view a customized demo video.

Online Preservation and Protection

Online Preservation and Protection

Dternity Media Cloud combines the cost advantage of tape media with the accessibility of online cloud storage.