Dternity Media Cloud

Long-Term Data Protection, Curation, and Governance

Protect Your Data in the DMC

Data Protection

Our service levels are designed to meet your business needs, with automated data integrity protections built in.

Simplifies Data Management

Easily move, migrate or copy your files for off-premise data protection.

Data Preservation

The DMC meets data curation, provenance, heritage, and retention requirements for customers with long-term data governance needs.

Eliminates Vendor Lock-In

All files are stored as you send them using open standards like LTFS so that accessibility is assured into the future.n

Easy Setup

Copying content into the DMC is easy; We provide hardware and software compatible with your existing onsite systems.

Your Data Belongs to You

All copies of your data are stored on LTO tapes, and belong to you for recall whenever you want. Unlike other cloud services, the DMC is designed so your data is always accessible, either by online access or on self-describing LTFS tapes.

Web Download Portal

The DMC management web portal provides a complete view of your all files, so you can download them directly, or have them shipped to you on LTFS tape.

LTFS Based Archive

Our commitment to open standards like LTFS ensures your data will always be accessible, available, and fully transportable to other systems.

Simplify Long-Term Data Protection

Discover How DMC Can Fulfill Your Data Preservation, Curation, and Governance Needs

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