Data Migration Services

Let the worlds largest data tape manufacturer future-proof your data…

Let Us Manage Your Data

Your data is securely migrated to Dternity Media Cloud (DMC), a complete deep storage infrastructure built to preserve and protect your digital files. Dternity stores and manages two copies on separate LTO tape cartridges hosted in near-line tape libraries. Access your data directly, or via an online portal.

Future Proof Your Data

The worlds foremost experts in tape storage ensure your data is available forever, automatically migrating it over time onto the most current tape media, future proofed by non-proprietary and open LTFS or TAR standards.

Secure Tape Migration

Break Free from the Past

We can consolidate legacy backup catalogs from various systems and media types into a single inventory, and onto an open standard format ready for the future.

No Project Is Too Small or Too Big

Every recovery project is different. To tailor the solution to your requirements and business processes, our engineering team will work with you to ensure a smooth, secure process to protect your data.

Your Data Deserves the Best

Fujifilm has been a leader in data protection and storage for over 40 years. We know what it takes to preserve and manage data.

Private and Protected

Data migration takes place within a secure ISO27001 certified FUJIFILM owned facility, with support for direct point-to-point transportation of your tapes, to provide a complete chain of custody of your data.

Data Verification

Once inside our data center, your data is analyzed and verified to ensure the highest quality of data conversion with the lowest possible margin of error. For older generations of media, metadata will be created to provide ease of use once migration has completed.

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