Data Curation and Stewardship

Never Worry About Having to Sort out the Data "Junk Drawer"

A Data Manager’s Nightmare

Assigning and managing the right data curation and archiving standards for different classes of data can be a complex, if not herculean, task.

Data Lifecycle Management

4 Simple Steps to Complete Data Management Automation

1. Data Harvesting & Classification

StrongLink® enables the characterization of data in its global namespace via metadata while continuously monitoring data states to identify access and update frequency, and to determine when data can be moved from expensive “Tier 1” storage to higher capacity, lower cost archival storage.

2. Storage Resource Classification

StrongLink also enables storage infrastructure to be segregated by capabilities such as access performance, capacity, and cost, so you can use it to properly classify the storage assets you have deployed in-house and in the cloud

3. Policy Creation

StrongLink enables you to create granular data management policies based on any metadata fragment. Whether to automate data placement at different phases, or for user workflows, these policies reach across any storage and data type.

4. Data Migration

StrongLink uses the policies to automate data placement or migration. The AI-powered analytics engine will optimize this based on a continuous and cognitive evaluation of the status of the data itself, the storage media available, and the traffic across available links between storage types. StrongLink will migrate data in the most efficient manner transparently to users.


Metadata is Key to Data Lifecycle Management

StrongLink gathers information about all files and objects into a global namespace and virtual file system. There, cognitive computing processes can be used to apply granular data archive and management policies to files and objects in order to optimize the processes and resources required for good data stewardship.

Unlock the Intelligence Within Your Data

Discover How Metadata Makes Data Curation So Much Easier

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