Data Protection and Preservation

Solve the Complexity of Data Protection with Metadata Intelligence

Compliance and Data Governance

Most data protection and preservation strategies lack granularity or refinement because unstructured data – files and objects – normally don’t reveal enough information to enable proper classification. As a result, it is not easy to identify which digital assets you need to protect, or to allocate the right protection or preservation services to them based on its business requirements or priorities.

The Cognitive Power of Metadata

Automated Protection Policies

No need for traditional backup or data rehydration.

High Availability and Data Integrity

Multiple copies, onsite and offsite data protection.

Data Provenance

Ongoing data verification at the file and system level.

Make Data Protection SIMPLE

Simplify Data Protection and Enjoy Peace of Mind

Granular Automation
Is the Solution

The secret to regulatory compliance and data protection is the granular application of services and resources to data. With StrongLink’s cognitive data management platform, policy-driven data protection and preservation are automatic.

Automatically Gather Infrastructure Information

StrongLink automatically collects information on the capabilities and status of all storage devices, and which storage services are required for your environment.

Your Environment

Metadata-driven policies automate migration of your data over its useful life. This includes ensuring that it is securely migrated when storage types change, or to comply with business or regulatory retention requirements.

The Bottom Line

StrongLink optimizes data accessibility, infrastructure costs, security and encryption, backups and archiving through granular automation for the most efficient and simplest data protection strategy you can get.

Unlock the Intelligence Within Your Data

Discover How We Can Make Data Protection So Much Easier

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