Leverage LTFS for Active Archiving

Harness the Very Best of Disk and Tape

Simple and Powerful Automated Storage

This Is What an Archive Was Meant to Be

Build a Better Archive with the Dternity Suite

Built-In Automated Protection

Automates data protection and replication to tape and cloud, drastically reducing or eliminating the need for conventional backup solutions.

Future Proof

Ensures long-term accessibility to your data with open standards like LTFS, NFS, CIFS/SMB and S3 for data migration and storage.

No More Rip and Replace

Integrates seamlessly within network storage architectures, preserving existing workflows and unlocking scale out storage.

Fastest LTFS powered NAS

Offers extreme performance and “set and forget” policies to support and automate complex workflows.

Never Locked In

100% dependency-free of OS, applications, specialized or proprietary software agents, proprietary software and hardware.

Touchless Tape Management

Simplifies adding low-cost tape to your storage environment; it’s as easy to access and manage as disk-based NAS, with automated management and reporting, and minimal hands on intervention.


Free Up Usable Primary Storage and Save BIG

Easily turn a tape library into limitless and lowcost network-attached storage to achieve economies of scale without adding complexity for users or IT administrators.

Fast, Simple Active Archiving

Quickly write and retrieve data to the active archive as easily as to any conventional NAS or object store. Reduce conventional backups, improve data protection, and safely preserve content for the future.

Relax and Simple

Make Your Storage Management Dead Simple

Relieve administrative burden with powerful, built-in automation tools that makes tape as seamless and easy to manage and use as disk-based NAS platforms.

Start Harnessing the Very Best of Disk and Tape

Discover How We Can Make Archiving So Much Easier

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