Dternity X-series is a storage solution that integrates storage tiers and technologies to simplify data management and enable the lowest cost data preservation. X-series storage can be used as file-based, network-attached storage (NAS) and for object-based storage to support massively scalable data workloads.


By fusing high-performance flash and disk with Linear Tape File System (LTFS) tape technology, X-series storage delivers the perfect blend of economy and performance in one simple solution. Nearline (flash/disk) storage keeps data available and deep archiving (tape) ensures the lowest cost for long-term preservation. Our secret weapon is the intelligent and automatic data management that erases the complexity of storage.

Savings You Can Take To The Bank

Thanks to Dternity’s intelligent storage management, Dternity also protects your IT budget. By utilizing your tiers at their most effective usage points, Dternity frees up space on your most expensive and performance-based storage, allowing for expansion of more cost-effective means of keeping your content.

Full Compatibilty

Storage should be reliable and simple, not troublesome. Dternity X-series supports both file and object based workflows (CIFS, NFS, S3 and RESTful API) for full compatibility. All you have to do is “drag and drop” data for easy access and management.

Your Pathway To The Cloud

Supporting direct integration with the Dternity Media Cloud, Dternity X-series positions you and your data for maximum data preservation and protection. With support for full data replication, WAN acceleration, regular integrity checks and 24/7 portal access to your data, you can rest easy knowing that your data is always where you need it, when you need it the most.

Always Secure, Always Protected

Your data is only as good as its vitality. Dternity ensures the integrity of your data through built-in multi-copy policies, data replication, tamper-checking and self-monitoring features. Your data is safe with support for full system replication, multiple library connectivity and portability to the Dternity Media Cloud for maximum disaster recovery protection.

True Scalability

Use the Dternity X-Series with the technology you already own or leverage it as a stand-alone solution to create a nearline and archive storage solution. Scale your capacity as your business grows and pay only for what you use – a single Dternity X-series appliance can seamlessly scale to tens of petabytes.

No Vendor Lock-In

Say goodbye to dedicated hardware and proprietary software. Pick your favorite hardware vendor (flash, disk and tape) – Dternity X-series works with them all. Our commitment to open standards ensures your data will always be accessible.

Connectivity and Variations

Dternity X-series is available in multiple configurations and with or without hardware. Find a reference architecture that fits your needs:

  • Dternity X-series: Designed to meet your specific needs, the Dternity X-series storage is easy to deploy. Plug in, configure and start writing data in minutes.

  • Dternity VM: This simple, downloadable virtual machine version of Dternity X-series runs on your existing VMware ESXi hardware. Enjoy the full features of Dternity with the flexibility to take advantage of your existing hardware investments.


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What is Dternity?

Dternity offers online access to your data, seamlessly integrating with applications that you already use.

Create a Custom Dternity Demo

Create a Custom Dternity Demo

Choose the features that interest you, and instantly view a customized demo video.

Online Preservation and Protection

Online Preservation and Protection

Dternity Media Cloud combines the cost advantage of tape media with the accessibility of online cloud storage.