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Security Guard Employment

Security guard employment is especially dangerous, statistics show. Security guards are three
times more likely to sustain injuries than the average employee. Across the world, the general
incidence rate for fatalities on security guard jobs varies significantly and is notoriously hard to
find. This statistic doesn’t mean, however, that security guard employment is inherently
dangerous. Security guards are exposed to unique hazards that are not faced by other

The majority of security guard injuries happen in two areas: the workplace and the individual’s
home or car. Unfortunately, security guards can be killed in some incidents. The use of deadly
force may be necessary if an employee suspects shoplifting, or has reason to believe that a
store security officer may be involved with illegal activity. Excessive force can lead to serious
legal problems.

As with any type of law enforcement, excessive force can not be tolerated. Security officers must
adhere to strict guidelines when using force. These guidelines consist of three key components:
following the law, maintaining safety and creating an environment conducive to work. According
to a survey conducted by the National Association of State Police officers in 2021, only 3% of
cases were found to involve excessive force.

Interview the officer involved in a fatal security incident. It is important to remember that the
police are only involved in these kinds of incidents if their lives are actually threatened. Many
people mistakenly believe that the police only get involved in incidents in which they are present.
However, this is false. There are specific stipulations in place regarding the conduct of security
officer. Even when security personnel are not physically present, they still have a duty to behave
in a reasonably safe manner.

It is vital that all security guards comply with employment law, particularly regarding negligence.
Neglecting to follow employment law can lead to serious penalties. A guard who lets a customer
slip on a concrete floor may be held responsible for a civil case. This happened before because
a bouncer was negligent and the man died from being struck by the concrete.

Another study found that security guards could also be responsible for the death or intoxication
of customers. This happened in Florida, where several bouncers were under the influence at the
same time. If another person is showing signs of intoxication, such as being unable or unwilling
to pay attention to the surrounding area, then they cannot be held accountable for their actions.
Bouncers are required by law to follow all negligence laws in employment, but this is not enough
protection for customers.

These are just 10 reasons why security guards should be considered an optional part of
protecting businesses. Research has shown that nearly half of all people who are injured on the
job are caused by negligence. Bouncers are able to make the job much simpler, but they do
have to bear all the responsibility.

Being a police officer is another occupation where officers must deal with dangerous situations.
Police officers are trained to use deadly force only when it is necessary. However, they may be
required to make decisions about whether or not to use lethal force. Wrongful imprisonment is a
possible outcome if deadly force is not an option. This is something that professionals may not
wish to deal with. You can protect people from dangerous situations by hiring a security
professional who has a track record in protecting them from assault and false imprisonment