Liberate Your Shared File Services

StrongBox DataManager automatically moves data from high-performance filers to Dternity, either on-site or in the cloud. DataManager frees up valuable network drive space without affecting users or applications and helps to cut your storage costs in half.

Reduce Data Bloat

Did you know that 50 - 80% of enterprise data is never accessed again after it's created? That staggering statistic means lots of premium storage capacity is wasted. With DataManager, customers can free up capacity while removing the bloat from their backup windows.

Storage Tiering Made Easy

DataManager deploys common sense techniques to manage your storage efficiently. DataManager policies define the criteria for data that will be moved to Dternity, transparent to the user and managed entirely within user-defined storage architectures. You set the where, when, and how, and Dternity does the heavy lifting.

Use More of What You Have

DataManager is ideal for businesses using NetApp ONTAP, Windows and Linux-based systems, or any NAS environment like EMC Isilon or generic disk arrays.

Transparent NetApp Deployment

Dternity interacts natively with NetApp’s F-policy interface for seamless data movement and ease of use. With DataManager policies in place, this movement happens without impacting workflow while maintaining connectivity to network shares – all delivered under a single namespace.

System Components

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What is Dternity?

Dternity offers online access to your data, seamlessly integrating with applications that you already use.

Create a Custom Dternity Demo

Create a Custom Dternity Demo

Choose the features that interest you, and instantly view a customized demo video.

Online Preservation and Protection

Online Preservation and Protection

Dternity Media Cloud combines the cost advantage of tape media with the accessibility of online cloud storage.