StrongLink: Data and Storage Management Simplified

Artificial Intelligence Meets Metadata

StrongLink® is a new and unique approach to managing your entire data environment by automating data classifications and providing life-cycle management for any data, on any storage, anywhere.

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Eliminate Risk and Complexity

StrongLink shields you from the dark side of technology change: Simplify adding new storage types or cloud storage to your current environment without interrupting user access or adding management overhead.

Optimize Your Storage Infrastructure

Deploying StrongLink can help you reclaim capacity on the expensive storage you already own, reducing or deferring the need to buy more.

Decrease Storage Costs

StrongLink provides global policy-based management across all storage types, to increase utilization, and eliminate stranded data or capacity. Automate data migration to the correct storage tier according to business needs, without affecting user access.

Improve Organizational Efficiency

StrongLink begins by classifying all data according to any available metadata, including the ability to add user-created metadata automatically or manually at any time. The AI-powered metadata engine enables search, automated data mobility, and resource orchestration from a unified browser-based interface.

Key Features Your Business Needs

Workflow Integration & Automation

StrongLink allows you to implement and automate complex workflows (triggers, scheduling, scripting interface, etc.), eliminating administrative burden and making data and storage management as simple as can be.

Global Namespace: Busting Data Silos

StrongLink virtualizes all your storage resources and constantly optimizes data placement across them by using metadata-driven analytics, user-defined business policies, and automated optimization algorithms. StrongLink can present any data across all storage types via any standard file protocol, even if the underlying storage doesn’t support that protocol.


Global Search with Speed-of-Light Access

With automated data classification to aggregate multiple metadata types, StrongLink empowers users to globally search for the data they need, regardless of which storage silo it may reside. Metadata is the key to gaining complete control of data and storage resources, and is the cognitive data management layer that goes way beyond what storage systems alone can handle.

Complete Data Protection
Reduces Backup

StrongLink includes robust data protection capabilities so that customers can reduce or eliminate conventional backup. Robust automated data integrity checks, file and file system versioning, plus an immutable audit system can match data governance requirements for curation, heritage, and long-term active archives.


SmartPools to Logically Group Different Storage Types

StrongLink includes the ability to group heterogeneous storage types into logical pools. This means SmartPool write policies can apply to otherwise incompatible storage to load balance or facilitate painless migration of data from one storage type to another, without interrupting user access.

Stars, Constellations & Galaxies

StrongLink can easily scale-out from a single node (Star) to a cluster of three or more nodes (Constellation) in a self-healing, no-single-point-of-failure architecture. Multiple Constellations may be joined into a Galaxy, which is a multi-site hyper-cluster that provides a true global namespace across disparate storage types and locations.

Get Control of Your Data and Your Storage

Discover How StrongLink Can Simplify Data Management

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