Data Collaboration and Ease of Search

Access Your Data Wherever It Is, Whenever You Need It

The Need for Constant Collaboration.

In the face of an ever-growing volume of unstructured data files and objects, finding and accessing a file for a project, to support a critical business workflow, or to simply support the right business decision has become an incredibly daunting task.

Search, Access and Share

StrongLink® Unifies Data Operations

Simplified Search and File Access

Search and collaboration is simplified through powerful web-based query and workflow tools. Any data on any storage may be presented as a virtual file system using any standard file protocols that applications and users expect, or via the browser-based interface.n

More Than Just Search

StrongLink begins by classifying all data, automatically extracting multiple types of metadata as files are created or ingested. End-users may easily create or add their own metadata at any time to enable automated workflows.

A Global Namespace for Better Collaboration

Whether your data is stored on a NAS, SAN, Flash, Object or Cloud Store, or even in multiple locations, it can be included in the StrongLink global namespace for seamless collaboration.nn

Metadata Driven Orchestration

StrongLink's cognitive data management engine is both data aware and storage aware, to automate data placement in a multi-vendor storage environment.n


Data Management for Search, Mobility and Orchestrationn

With StrongLink, you can access all data on any storage in any location, bridging otherwise incompatible data silos from different vendors. Global storage management, as well as policy-based data management ensure uniform and streamlined operation. Access the right data at the right time with the right workflow, regardless of the location of the data itself.

A Safer, Holistic Approach to Data Management

StrongLink provides a secure collaboration capability that restricts data access to only users or workloads that have been certified and authenticated for access. Data protection capabilities also ensure that file and object updates are carefully versioned and controlled.

Unlock the Power of Your Data

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